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Ministry Groups

God has called you to serve through your spiritual gifts in ministry at the New Prospect Baptist church. A Spiritual gift is a specific ability or skill given by the Holy Spirit, which enables each believer to contribute to the Body of Christ with pleasure and effectiveness. This list provides more detailed information pertaining to the various ministries at the New prospect Baptist Church. Use this tool to assist you in prayerfully clarifying your place in ministry at The New Prospect Baptist Church.


Bible Study (noon) & Evening
Study the word of God. The noon day & evening Bible Study conducts classes at the NPBC  for those in the congregation and community seeking biblical enrichment. Spiritual study and educational doctrine are based resolutely on the Word of God and the Holy Bible is presented with assurance and proper perspective.

Contact: Deacon Robert Jones (513) 522-4476

Capital Campaign
We are building a healthy community and church one family at a time to serve God’s people through worship, service, and work by creating a foundation for current and future generations.

Christian Education Ministry
The Christian Education Ministry is responsible for the teaching and learning aspects of the NPBC congregation. In addition to selecting the Sunday School and Vacation Bible School curriculums, the ministry provides support, direction and guidance to other church ministries. The mission is to plan and present Christ-centered and Holy Spirit-empowered studies, classes, educational events and activities for NPBC congregation and community.

Deacon Ministry
The Deacon Ministry demonstrates spiritual leadership by serving the Pastor and congregation; and, by supporting the pastoral vision through evangelism, stewardship and discipleship. The ministry promotes harmony among - and encourages support from - the congregation. Spiritual growth of the overall membership is a priority. Sick and shut-in visitations, ongoing membership interaction, new member intake and orientation, baptismal arrangements and communion service are some of the responsibilities conducted by the spiritual supporters of the congregation and Pastor.

Contact: Deacon Arnold Weathers Chairman (513) 242-5264

Deaconess Ministry
The Pastor and congregation are served and supported by the Deaconess Ministry, which aids the Deacon Ministry in performing its mission. Ministry responsibilities include serving the congregation’s needs and promoting family unity through joining the Deacon Ministry in visitations, assisting with baptismal ceremonies, communion service and new member activities. The ministry is also actively involved in the programs and events of other church ministries.

Contact: Bessie Pitts, Chairwoman (513) 821-5584

Greeters and Hospitality Ministry
The Greeters, and Hospitality Ministry, functions as a part of the Congregational Care Ministry. Its chief mission is to ensure that every person who comes in contact with the NPBC has a positively unforgettable experience with God. This ministry is devoted to showing the love of God to the people of God, in the house of God. Its members officially represent the Sr. Pastor and the Leadership of this body of Christ, and are equipped to provide a personal expression of Christian warmth and welcome to worshippers, whether they are members or seekers. This ministry focuses on the needs of the people from the time they approach the church entrances until they meet our Ushers, and are seated in the pews. The work of this ministry, which is always executed with love, creates a welcoming environment and an atmosphere conducive to worship.  It impacts on the entire body of Christ and serves to extend and enhance one of the church’s highest virtues:  Kindness.

Grief and Loss Support Group
This group provides education about the grief process along with spiritual and emotional support to those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Contact: Sister Olivia Waldon (513) 541-5131

Associate Ministers
The Associate Ministers are spiritual workers of New Prospect Baptist Church by Divine appointment. In this role, they support the Pastor’s efforts to preach the gospel, administer the ordinances and promote the spiritual and physical growth of the Church body. They are zealous in advancing the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the general welfare of the Church and congregation. The Pastor assigns roles and responsibilities for each Associate Minister.

Media Ministry
The Media Ministry communicates the message of Jesus Christ and supports the Pastor’s vision to reach the congregation, local community and beyond. Members of the ministry are trained to operate and maintain equipment and perform various other functions. The ministry develops and produces audio and video resources of weekly worship services, most church programs and ministry-sponsored events for members, visitors and sick and shut INS.

- Myki Bobo (513) 721-2355
- Mandell Jackson (513) 721-2355

Missionary Ministry
The Missionary Ministry is dedicated to doing God’s work through service to the community. NPBC missionaries participate in feeding at the homeless shelter, nursing home visitations, clothing drives, assembling and distributing Thanksgiving baskets, making Christmas merry for needy families, and feeding families during times of those who lost love ones, and much more. While ministering to the physical needs of the disadvantaged, the missionaries have an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love, touch spirits and bring others to Christ.

Contact: Eloise Allen (513) 542-0399

New Members Ministries
Here you will find information on more than 38 ministries operating within The New Prospect Baptist Church. For a description, meeting times, location and volunteer opportunities please see the name of the ministry and contact number.

If you are a new member and are interested in joining a ministry, we encourage you to join our New Member Classes taught by Bessie Pitts, and Rodney Davis, where you will learn everything you need to know about being a member of NPBC!

- Bessie Pitts (513) 324-3539
- Rodney Davis (513) 674-9903

This unit provides support, help, and practical medical assistance where needed, within the parameters of the congregation during worship service.

Outreach Ministry
The purpose of the Outreach Ministry is to spread God's love, through His Plan of Salvation, to the community. Training is provided to equip and send disciples of Jesus Christ beyond the walls of NPBC church, to the Hedges and Highways to spread God’s love and Word. This ministry also supplies Greeters to warmly welcome all who attend our Worship Services, including providing visitors with a variety of information.

Pastor’s Aid Ministry
The aim of the Pastor’s Aid Ministry is to assist the Pastor, Pray for the needs of the pastor and his family, with finance, with sincere prayers, with encouraging words and actions.

Contact: Shirley Bonds (513) 661-2938

The Transportation Ministry provides assistance to those needing transportation to church services and church-related events. Ministry members also provide transportation services -- utilizing the church van and buses -- to transport the youth ministry, choirs and other ministries to church-sponsored events. In addition, the Transportation Ministry also provides parking lot shuttles for Sunday services and special events. Ministry members are also called on to provide (on-foot) parking assistance in the church parking lot. A commercial driver’s license may be required to operate some vehicles.

Contact: Charles Watkins (513) 306-2812

Trustees Ministry
The Trustee Ministry manages the material possessions and oversees the financial matters of the church with spiritual sensitivity. The church's physical property, financial obligations and all other assets are the responsibility of the Trustee Ministry. Trustees enable the execution of God’s mission through stewardship and individual spiritual gifts. Acting as one body, the Trustees provide direction, leadership, facilities, processes, capability and capacity to help further God’s word.

Usher’s Ministry
The Usher Ministry serves as the church doorkeepers to ensure that worshippers feel welcome and assist the Pastor by maintaining reverence and order so members and visitors may receive the message. Ushers combine a warm welcome with a pleasant smile as they direct and seat worshippers. The Usher Ministry, comprised of three groups, includes both women and men: Seniors (over 35), Young Adults (18 to 35) and Juniors (17 and younger). Ushers attend conferences and participate as committee members and/or officers in district, state, and national associations to grow spiritually and remain proficient. The ministry offers fellowship with other sisters and brothers in Christ and an opportunity to serve God in His House.


Parenting with a Purpose
Parenting with a Purpose provides information and resources pertaining to raising children. We want to empower and encourage single parents, two parent families, blended families, grandparents, etc.

Activities Include:
Outings; Conferences; Programs; Outreach; and Parent Mentoring

Contact: Jennifer Williams

Meeting Times: Every 4th Saturday at Church 12:30 – 2:00 p.m.

Marriage Enrichment
The Married Enrichment Ministry is comprised of married couples in Christ who seek to understand their relationship with God, self, and most of all, each other.  Weekly Sunday school classes are held at The New Prospect Baptist Church every Sunday following 8:00 A.M. worship service.  In these classes couples are challenged to look at their marriages through the lens of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Other tools for growth and development include retreats and fellowships. This ministry is designed to aid and help couples to grow and develop as men and women of integrity, which will promote evangelism, discipleship, worship, fellowship and service.

Activities Include:
Pre-marriage counseling, educational marriage worships, and healthy marriage events.

Contact: Deacon Arnold & Yvonne Weathers (513) 242-5264

Congregational Care
There are times in our church family when we are touched by sickness, death, and other traumas. In direct partnership with the Deacon’s Ministry, Congregational Care assists the Pastor in providing support, love, and care, in those difficult times. Critical care concerns are brought to our attention in numerous ways along with calls to our critical care line. Disciples are encouraged to call the office at 513-721-2355, immediately when concerns arise.  If you would like to become a part of this loving ministry, call 513-721-2355.

Activities Include: Care teams, accessibility, hospital and home visitation.


Women's Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to help women young and old to build a stronger relationship in Christ, and by learning how to love God, you and other people.

Activities Include:
- Ministry Projects
- Mothers with Children
- Prayer Partners
- Encouraging One Another
- Visiting Schools to Support our Youth
- Developing Leaders


Be A Man (B.A.M.) Ministry
The Bam Ministry under the umbrella of MOI (Men of Integrity) is a forum for Christian men to meet fellowship and address relevant issues and concerns. Their “Iron Sharpening Iron” motto means men strengthening and sharpening spiritual skills together.

B.A.M. is also designed to meet the emotional, behavioral, and spiritual needs of ALL men. Our efforts are to help our young men from adolescents, ages 12-18, in becoming the men God has called us to be.  Our effort is to begin to cultivate emotional balance, behavioral modification, and spiritual guidance in a comfortable environment for ALL males.

Our goals:
•  To have an Annual Men’s Retreat
•  Workshops
•  Father & Son’s Banquet

- Deacon Art Kelsor (513) 418-8203
- Brother Ray Andrews (513) 242-4064

Meeting Times: Every Thursday 7:00 p.m. in the Lamb and Lion Room


Pauline A. Taylor 55 Plus Ministry
The Pauline Taylor 55+ Ministry is a vibrant ministry devoted to serving those persons who God has blessed to be fifty five years old and beyond.  The Pauline Taylor Ministry is to lead the congregation in recognizing and appreciating the gifts, talents and abilities that seniors bring to the congregation.  This ministry is to be an advocate for the senior’s welfare in and out of the walls of the Church.  It will, along with the Pauline Taylor’s plan and promote activities, trips, and such programs that will keep the minds of the seniors keen and their bodies well.  It will encourage Pauline Taylor 55 + to be an integral part of the vision cast by the Pastor and use their wisdom to encourage others to do the same.  They will be producers of The Kingdom of God through Evangelism, Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship, and Service

Contact Person: Sister Betty Watts (513) 591-2253 


Ministry of Academic and Family Education
To prepare children and adults for academic excellence by providing education resources while daring them to dream.

The purpose of the NPBC Ministry of Academic and Family Education is to provide nurture and support undergraduate college students as well as families. This ministry encompasses so many things.  We aim to empower entire families and communities.  This includes incorporating reading programs for children and adults, math and science, college tours (while holding colleges accountable), parental guidance (this is where other ministries come in), education home schooling (because there are some students who won't go to school), etc.  Basically, we will educate from the "Cradle to College".   

Activities Includes:
- Tutoring/GED preparation/SAT/ACT/PSAT/CAA
- Financial Aid/grants preparation, in all subjects
- Fundraising (TBA)
- College information sessions (TBA)
- College Tour (TBA)
- Scholarship distribution
- Graduation ceremony

God’s Radical Youth with Purpose (G.R.Y.P.)
Youth of Integrity (Y.O.I.)
The Youth Ministry offers a variety of programs, events and activities to promote Christian living and spiritual strength for children under 19 years old. A holistic program includes youth church services every fourth Sunday; weekly Bible study for children of all ages; several age appropriate retreats; numerous sports activities; male and female step teams; mentoring programs, Rites of Passage for young men. One youth choir LCC, and other planned activities ensure that there are ongoing Christian programs and events for all youth. Joy Night, a high school senior graduation banquet and the Annual Youth Revival are annual events sponsored by the ministry to involve NPBC youth and those in the community.

Contact Yolanda White (513) 709-0360

Urban G.E.N.T.S. (Gentleman Excelling and Navigating Towards Salvation/Success)
A ministry comprised of young men between the ages of 11-20 of the New Prospect Baptist Church and surrounding communities.

The Urban G.E.N.T.S. ministry is dedicated to empowering young men with tools for spiritual, educational and social success!

The “U.G’s” strives to continuously build on the following “Six Pillars of Character”
- Trustworthiness
- Respect
- Responsibility
- Fairness
- Spiritual Growth/Caring
- Citizenship

Through the use of: Power Summits (monthly meetings) Sports Fellowship, Step Team, Community Service, Discipleship, Academic Preparation and Life Choice Exercises.

For more info: email

Divine D.I.V.A.S.
(Daughters Inspired through Victory And Salvation)

A ministry comprised of young women between the ages of 11-20 of the New Prospect Baptist Church and surrounding communities

Divine DIVAS activities includes but is not limited to:

  • GATHERINGS: Where young ladies can come together to plan, talk, laugh, cry and share the gospel of Jesus Christ

  • COMMUNITY SERVICE: Giving back to her church and community through various projects and on-site service.

  • FELLOWSHIP: Hanging out and Having Fun! Shopping, Movies or Whatever!

  • STEP TEAM: Young Ladies Stompin’ in the Name of Jesus with exciting presentations

  • SUMMER BOOK CLUB: Honoring the Lord with what we read--and having fun with our sisterfriends while doing it!


Music Ministry (WAM)
The Music Ministry (WAM) shares the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, provides encouragement to believers in their walk with Christ and leads the congregation in worship and praise. Ministry participants are blessed through the sharing of their musical gifts and are an integral part of the worship experience.

NPBC Music Ministry is comprised of:
- The Inspirational Senior Choir: 8:00 A.M.
- Mighty Men Male Chorus
- LCC Youth Choir
- Voices of Praise Choir: which is a dynamic melding of all the other choirs.
- God's Children's Choir: 11 A.M. During Children's church

Knowing the importance of reaching each soul, the Music Ministry provides an eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary music. There’s a place in our Music Ministry for anyone who desires to offer praise and testimony of the wonder-working power of the Word of God through song.

Contact: Minister Jerome Johnson, Jr. (513) 721-2355

Dunamis Sign & Mime Ministry
This ministry has been created to give “voice” to silent gifts using masking and enhancement of the hands and body. The Mime Ministry gives both youth and adults the opportunity to express the silent gifts that God has given you, another way in which we promote artistic expression in Worship.

Contact: Yolanda White (513) 709-0360

Liturgical Dance - New Beginners Worshippers, Psalm 150 Dance Ministry
The dance ministry exists to manifest worshipful lifestyles through dance.  Our mission is to worship God, in spirit and in truth, with our whole being, to create a welcoming atmosphere for His Presence and Glory.  In doing so, the Spirit of God draws all people to Himself, according to His purpose, to be saved, healed, comforted and set free. Our purpose is to be vessels for the Holy Spirit to communicate and visually manifest His Glory in the demonstration of Himself through dance.





-Bible Study

-Capital Campaign

-Christian Education

-Care Groups



-Greeters & Hospitality

-Grief & Loss

-Associate Ministers

-Media Ministry

-Missionary Ministry

-New Members



-Pastor's Aid







-General Missionary

-Prison Ministry

-Health and Wellness Ministry


Worship Arts & Music

-Music Ministry

-Inspirational Choir

-Voices of Praise Choir

-Mighty Men Male Chorus

-Living Christ Crew (L.C.C) Youth Choir

-God’s Children’s Choir

-Dunamis Sign Mime Ministry

-Liturgical Dance



-Parenting with a Purpose

-Marriage Enrichment

-Congregational Care



-Women's Ministry



-Be A Man (B.A.M)

-Men of Integrity



-Pauline A. Taylor 55 Plus Ministry



- Ministry of Academic and Family Education

-G.R.Y.P. Bible Study

-Urban G.E.N.T.S.

-Divine D.I.V.A.S.




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