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Our History

Timeline of Noteworthy Events

The 21st Century

  • 2000 - 2001: The Handbell Choir, Steppers for Christ, Singles Ministry, nursery for children ages 0-4 years, and the Praise Dancers were organized.
  • 2001:
    • Another nightly worship service was introduced. The New Wineskins Ministry includes worship and feeding the Over-the-Rhine community.
    • Pastor Lynch receives the Theodore Barry Award from the local NAACP.
  • 2002:
    • The Civil Rights Torch was passed from Fred Shuttlesworth to Pastor Lynch.
    • The Rosa Parks Award from the national chapter of SCLC was awarded to Pastor Lynch.
  • 2009: With the church continuing its rapid growth, plans were launched to relocate the church to a larger space. The vision is to further the kingdom of Christ and empower the African American community in Greater Cincinnati.
  • 2011: The church purchased a 102,929 square-foot building on 26 acres of land to begin the first phase of the new building and the start of a new era.
  • 2014: The church moved to its new location at 1580 Summit Road in Roselawn. The first Sunday Service was held on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014.

The 1990s

  • 1990:
    • Pastor Lane retired, marking the end of an era which spanned nearly 30 years.
    • Pastor Lynch was installed. During this event, the Rev. Damon Lynch Jr., Pastor of New Jerusalem Baptist Church and father of Rev. Lynch, shared his memorable “Letter to My Son.”
  • 1990 - 1992:
    • Two Sunday morning worship services were established.
    • Feed 5000 Program was started to feed those in the Over-the-Rhine community.
    • Children’s Church was established.
    • Teen Ministry (TAPS) was organized.
    • Additional ministries were started: Senior Citizens Ministry, Sisters United/Little Sisters, College Ministry, Bible discussion “Cell Groups”
  • 1993: Single Parent Support Group was organized.
  • 1994:
    • The church mortgage was burned on the church anniversary.
    • The New Prospect Development Corporation was established to offer programs and services for the church and community.
    • The Prison Ministry was organized.
  • Mid 1990s:
    • The New Prospect mission and motto were developed.
    • The Congregational Care Ministry was started.
    • The Teen Choir, “S.O.U.L.,” was organized.
  • 1996: Media Ministry was organized.
  • 1998:
    • Senior Choir was renamed to become the Inspirational Choir.
    • A special event called the Hallelujah Block Party was organized.
    • The Capital Campaign Committee was organized to raise funds to establish an Education Center.
  • 1999: The Health and Wellness Ministry was organized.

The 1980s

  • 1980: The “Give Me My Flowers” program was started so anyone could give flowers to someone they wanted to thank.
  • 1983: The “Mike Committee” orchestrated fundraising for a state-of-the-art public address system in the church, which was installed later that year.
  • 1985: First New Members Class was started. Many instructors were trained to lead this six-week course.
  • 1987: Sister Edith Gaines resigned as President of the Willing Workers Club after serving for 40 years. Under her leadership, membership grew and the club became a major fundraising group to help support the church.
  • 1989: Pastor Lane became ill and due to his extended illness, and upon his recommendation, the church called Damon Lynch III to serve as interim pastor.

The 1970s

  • 1972: Church secured a down payment for the 5,000 square foot building currently used by New Prospect.
  • 1973: The old theater building was demolished. Congregation was relocated to a leased building at 3126 Reading Road in Avondale.
  • 1974: The church remained strong during building of the new church and continued to fulfill its mission.
  • 1975: On April 6, the long-awaited march to the new sanctuary began. It was standing room only as Pastor Lane delivered his first sermon from the new pulpit.
  • 1976: One of the members of the trustee board purchased the church’s first minivan.
  • 1977:
    • The Busy Bee Club was started to raise money to deflate expenses of the new church.
    • The Ohio Baptist State Convention convened at New Prospect. It was one of the first sessions ever held.
  • 1979: The Mass Choir was formed.

The 1960s

  • 1960: The ongoing illness of lead pastor Collins presented challenges. New Prospect struggled during this time to maintain its membership because of a lack of sustained leadership.
  • 1961:
    • A dedicated member mortgaged his home to pay for new carpeting for the church. All members who could, helped finance beautification efforts.
    • Pastor T.L. Lane was called to pastor the church. He was a visionary who led the church for 30 years. He was very active in the Civil Rights movement and always tried to help advance his church and his people.
  • 1962:
    • Things were turning around for the church. Members who’d left the church began to return under the new leadership.
    • 225 members were added – 75 members were by Baptism.
    • Young Adult Chorus was organized.
    • Pastor T.L. Lane and church members participated in the march on the capital during Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech in Washington.
  • 1963: First Aid and Candy Stripers are formed for the church.
  • 1964: First Youth Director guided the spiritual growth of the youth. Motto became “Use Them or Lose Them.” Projects included baby contests, bowling, skating, songfest, International Tea and more.
  • 1965:
    • Church began a major savings program to prepare for purchase of a new church building.
    • New Prospect bought land to build a new church.
    • There were 65 members in the Evangelical Choir.
    • Rev. Lane and church members were involved in paving the way for civil rights and voting rights for Blacks.
  • 1967: By this time, the church had baptized 224 members.
  • 1968:
    • The Ever Ready Club was formed. This group of women helped with fundraising activities.
    • New Prospect members experience rioting in Avondale as well as across the country.
  • 1969: Church began a major fundraising program for the growing church. Clubs and auxiliaries were raising funds with rummage sales, cookouts, fashion shows and more. Church leaders were seeking funding from banks and other lending institutions.

The 1950s

  • 1950: Member purchased the first public address system for the church.
  • 1951: Church purchases 1829 Elm Street, known as “The Motion Picture Theater.”
  • 1952:
    • Cincinnati Board of Education bought church’s property on 422 Clinton Street to make room to build Taft High School.
    • The 1829 Elm Street property was converted into a place of worship after substantial renovation. The congregation of almost 350 members moved into the new church in the “Over-the-Rhine” area.
  • 1956: New Prospect Male Chorus was formed.
  • 1957: Fellowship with churches in the South began, including Beulah Baptist Church and Trinity Baptist Church.

The 1940s

  • 1940: The Volunteer club was organized.
  • 1941:
    • Congregation grew to over 300 members.
    • 422 Clinton Street building was renovated and new pews bought as church kept growing.
    • Members of church were drafted into armed services during World War II.
  • 1942:
    • Senior Choir backed famous African American concert singer Paul Robeson.
    • Gospel Choir was formed, as well as the Ten Jolly Sisters.
  • 1944: New Prospect burned its mortgage on the 422 Clinton Street location.
  • 1947:
    • Church registered with the Ohio Baptist State Convention.
    • Hosted the Cincinnati Baptist District Association.
    • Church members enjoyed going to Crosley Field in Cincinnati when the Dodgers came to town, so they could see the great baseball player, Jackie Robinson.

The 1930s

  • 1930:
    • Willing Workers Club organized to service the elderly and help with other projects.
    • 1101 Oehler Street property was sold.
    • Trustees were organized to handle purchase of land.
    • Property at 422 Clinton Street was bought and congregation moved into building.
  • 1933: Nurses Guild organized to care for members who needed minor medical attention during church services.
  • 1937:
    • Inspirational Choir formed.
    • Congregation grew to almost 200 members by this time

The 1920s

  • 1920: The growing church of 17 active members met regularly in a rented building in Walnut Hills.
  • 1921: Rented first storefront for regular church fellowship.
  • 1922: First Senior Usher Board created for the church.
  • 1923: Savings fund drive was started to buy land for a building.
  • 1924
    • Church committee appointed to find an ideal location.
    • New location found at 1135 Gest and Harriet streets.
  • 1925: Missionary Society was formed to do field work and mission service for the community and church body.
  • 1926: General Mission organized to win souls to Christ.


  • Deacon E.A. Bentley organized New Prospect Baptist Church with nine other believers.



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